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Assessment tools. The 'before' and 'after'

Publication of the magazine 'Ciudad Sostenible'


National Action Plan for renewable energy in Spain (PANER) 2011-2020

The National Action Plan for Renewable Energy (PANER), presented here, meets the requirements and methodology of the renewable energy Directive and the standard model action plans for renewable energy adopted by the European Commission.

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Energy Management action network (EMAK)

A study for the research, creation and support of a network of international and national action in energy management in industry.

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Enerxe Monographic Volume 3: "PEMFC - Proton exchange membrane fuel cell"

This paper describes the PEMFC technology, which today is the most versatile in power variety and applications. Expected to have a great impact on the automotive, in portable applications and low power systems. In these fields have virtually no alternative, if we consider direct methanol cell as a PEM category. Despite its advantages, its market introduction is being slowed down because of its high cost and durability problems. The cost problem will be solved when the production on an industrial scale. Technological advances aimed at solving the problems of durability and goals in life in hours of service, described in this document.

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Enerxe Monographs - Volume II Fuel Cells

Galician Energy Technology Platform (ENERXE)

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Energy Utilization

Publication of 'Electric Power Research Institute'


Making energy efficiency happen in Europe: the role of National Energy Efficiency Action Plans

Publication of the Direction for Energy and Transport, European Commission


Study of energy optimization in the wood sector in Galicia

Publication of Galician Energy Institute (INEGA)

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