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The Energy Center of Wisconsin provides a tool for calculating the energy efficiency of buildings


The energy consumption of buildings is the result of a complex web of interactions between the various elements thereof. So learn how to alter one of these elements to the rest of the ensemble is important to understand the energy saving opportunities of a building.

Thus, engineers for the Energy Center of Wisconsin have developed a tool that provides both an initial overview much wider in relation to energy consumption and environmental impact of any commercial building that is being designed. This calculator is free to download and provides data on the relations between the components and effects on thermal insulation can allow the energy to change any parameter. Additionally, the tool helps you calculate your total CO2 emissions of a building from electric and gas consumption.

This tool can be used in addition to which we have developed at Onyx to know how much energy can produce a building if one takes any of the photovoltaic integration solutions we offer.This is calculated taking into account the location, orientation, inclination, etc. each building, and may be used freely from our website. Thus, with a few facts you can calculate how much energy you could be generating as well as CO2 emissions you could avoid!


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