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EU looks hard to achieve sustainable mobility prospects without electric cars


The European ministers attending the informal meeting of European Ministers for Competitiveness hosts from San Sebastian on Sunday discussed today, last day of the Summit, on electric vehicles and the challenges of development for Europe.

In the discussion paper, which had access to the media, try to ensure that the main component for the development of these new cars, the battery will not cause a substantial increase in their cost and unwanted dependence.

In this sense, it suggests that continuous improvements in technology will depend on the intensity and coordination of the R & D investment in the Facilities and production equipment and the extent of economies of scale which will require effective coordination of economic resources.

Regarding the market, ministers addressed the need, for the administration to be encouraged, with fiscal and non fiscal measures, the demand by ensuring that the 'instruments' political standards used do not distort competition or internal market.


On this point it is envisaged that the government can help promote battery electric vehicles powered by lowering their costs (taxes and incentives to purchase, combined with lower electricity prices compared with fuel) or increasing comfort and proper use such as establishing low emission zones, free parking spaces or special lanes.

On the other hand, advocates the creation of public charging points and to tailor the supply of electricity to create new patterns of peak load electricity demand by creating dedicated interfaces, measuring systems and payment and to explore the opportunities that intelligent networks power management offers.

In this regard, stated that public funds can facilitate networking and requires a common direction in funds for R & D programs through European and national development or lending 'European Investment Bank'.

Furthermore, it is contemplated that the components of these new vehicles will create opportunities for new entrants that may undermine the position of others, as well as the emergence of new business models, alliances and synergies that politicians should expect, both in regard to threats and opportunities.

The discussion document also reflects the importance that the talks have industrial along with the foreign and trade policies for the adoption of technical standards and international harmonization, and commitment to building a strong legislative framework to ensure that the market positioning of the cars 'green' battery fueled by profits from a stable legislative framework that meets the health and safety requirements.

Furthermore it is identified as "fundamental" the composition and use of energy mix and that consideration should be promoting renewables according to the production of battery-powered electric vehicles.

It also calls for international harmonization and a common foreign and trade that helps the industry access to international markets and raw materials. Ultimately it is envisaged that a structured process in Europe would help achieve a coordination of all actors involved in this project, risk management and transfer of information and best practices.


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