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Galicia will have a network of 15,000 points for 5,000 electric cars recharge


Ex Citroën engineers create a model of intelligent station car in parks, communities or public roads.

The electric car of the future will know better and who are the engineers of the automotive industry. This explains why four former officials of the Galician sector, almost all linked at some point in their professional lives to PSA Peugeot Citroen have taken the first step to map the first network Galician recharge points for electric vehicles.

The company created for this purpose is called Bluemobility and Santiago yesterday filed its business plan that puts its target in 2015-2017. By that time in Galicia have 5,000 cars will be circulating power. Starting from the premise that each unit requires between 3 and 4 positions of power (average used to design the network in the pioneering countries in electric mobility), the firm, which is already associated to the cluster of automotive companies Galician (CEAG) , has to have installed bases of 15,000 then recharge. The first one will be operational in October 2010 to coincide with the marketing of the first 100% electric models.

The company president, Alberto Casal, said yesterday before a quorum consisting of entrepreneurs in the automotive sector (PSA Peugeot Citroën, CEAG, Automotive Technology Center), energy and Galician Administration, the station model patented recharge your company will be an easy to use. "It will provide energy in an hour to travel a minimum of one hundred miles."

The main innovation lies in its versatility and universality of Galician invention. All units will depend on a supply control center that will serve the diversity of network standards and electric vehicles on the market of the European Union, USA and Japan. Another advantage is outlined adaptability to different systems of payment (prepaid card ...) and access to different operators.

For the first three years the company has planned an investment of 74 million euros for manufacturing, maintenance, marketing and management of devices forming the network.

Job creation

The industrial project of establishing an initial forecast of 57 building jobs. Where will install the first points of recharge, is something that has yet to achieve. Bluemobility not progressing, although it says that will be located in different parts of the Galician geography such as parking lots, malls or roads, for which the firm has already begun to extend their business networks and is in negotiations with companies and municipalities.

Looking ahead, a priority of the firm will be the possibility of using renewable energy as the main power source.


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