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Action Plan to promote savings and energy efficiency in the Principality


Gas Natural in Gijon presented yesterday a guide to good practice for the Asturian lagarero sector, whereby it has a potential of nearly 14% energy savings. The fundamental objective of the publication is to assess the current state wineries, very representative of the business and social fabric of Asturias.

Also, the guide shows how to change some habits achieves greater energy efficiency, measured by the index parameter of Energy Efficiency of Natural Gas.

In preparing the guide we have analyzed the energy consumption in Asturias and more in depth, the energy used in the wineries belonging to the Association of Lagareros of Asturias.
To this end, Natural Gas has considered four elements that make up its Energy Efficiency Index: innovation, maintenance, control and energy culture.
The study shows that smaller wineries are more concerned with the innovation, seeking the best and most appropriate technology. However, where there is a greater awareness and energy is in the culture medium wineries. As for the other variables, highlighting again the smallest to pay greater attention to both control and maintenance of its facilities.

To achieve energy savings, the study proposes to carry out different actions in each of the technologies in the facilities, such as lighting, air conditioning and machinery. Some of the improvements could be:

Replacing incandescent lamps energy-saving lamps (saving up to 80%).
Equipment replacement Electromagnetic electronic starter (save up to 20%).
Performing preventive maintenance.
Possibility of making solar cooling projects in order to use air conditioning in rooms where the cider is stored.
Install free cooling or free cooling to take advantage of the outside temperature and climate control in power without the need for cooling equipment is working steadily, especially in the summer months.
Placement of variable frequency drives on pumps in order to avoid sudden starts and excessive consumption.
Utilization of waste generated in the meshing.

In conclusion, the study shows that energy savings from a combination of actions on different points lagareros would help to increase the profitability of the barrel and simultaneously achieve energy savings and reduce polluting gases.



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