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The Xunta reaffirms its objective to cover the total consumption renewables in 2015


The general manager of Industry and Mines Enerxía Angel Bernardo Tahoces, today reaffirmed that the objective of the regional government is to cover "almost one hundred percent" of the electricity consumption of renewable energy in Galicia in 2015 and noted that the energy plan Galicia 2010-2015 set as goals for a 60% increase electricity generation and 16% of the heat from these sources.

Tahoces explained it in his intervention in the 'Wind Power Conference 2010', held today in Madrid. According to the Galician government said in a statement, the director xeral opted for the promotion of renewable energies "walk up" the boost to efficiency and energy saving in households and industries.

Consumers, he said, "not only can and should save energy," but "also are called upon to produce" through what is known as "distributed generation", ie biogas plants in farms, construction geothermal heat pumps in buildings and homes, the development of efficient business parks and with "a firm commitment for the electric car" as storage of energy from renewable sources said.

The representative stressed that the government Xunta Galicia makes a "firm commitment" for renewable energy and called for developing a normative framework "stable for all involved" in the sector. This, he said, is "the only way" to avoid the current 'differences and imperfections and to set and industry and employment. "



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