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Vigo CitroŽn manufactured in an electric vehicle in exchange for direct subsidies


Vigo is one step away from becoming the first of the 12 floors of the PSA Peugeot Citroën will produce electric vehicle-the Citroën C-Zero and Ion Peugeot produced in Japan's Mitsubishi plant.

The French multinational influences their choice to direct economic aid (not in the form of credits) to receive their project, which has found very receptive to the Xunta de Galicia, as happened with the award of the new range of low cost vehicles, a multilanzamiento for the French group has invested 1,060 million euros, in return for direct aid from the Ministry of Industry of 40 million euros (100 million plus the Government's credit.)

Now, the PSA group circumvents the exclusive industrial production of a light commercial vehicle and electric motor, according to plant manager Galician Ianni Pierre, Vigo has many of the ballots to win the prize. "We are optimistic, we have many parameters in our favor," he said Tuesday, after exercise of the Regional Minister of Industry co, Javier Guerra, in the first electrical test of Citroën, the small C-Zero, which goes on sale in late year to cost about 30,000 euros.

Ianni acknowledged that the economic aid both the Xunta and the Government are willing to put on the table "is one of the major constraints, as they have been in previous projects."
What other "parameters located at Vigo in the pole position for the award of the first car batteries would be manufactured in a plant of PSA? Ianni said issues such as production cost savings, Vigo competitiveness against other plants, and other cyclical issues as market conditions and export. Also accepted the role "in our favor" that would involve the construction of a lithium ion battery as projected by the consortium formed by the multinational austrojaponés Mitsubishi, Yuasa and Magna.

Salvaterra logistics platform and the Austrian town of Graz compete for the largest manufacturer of batteries for vehicles in Europe, would come together with an investment of 300 million euros.

With all these pros to produce an electric car Galicia, is just waiting the decision of PSA. "We worked well, we are involved and ready for Vigo is elected the first floor of the group to make an electric car," said Pierre Ianni, which received the express support of Javier Guerra.

'The regional government will work with PSA to develop the electric car. It is an important moment for the future of the automobile and Galicia has to be on the cutting edge of new technologies. We are the largest pole of the car in Spain and we remain so, "said the Regional Minister.

Guerra and Ianni participated, at the instance of the meeting Bureau of Public Electric Mobility, which was attended by the Centro Tecnologico de Automoción de Galicia (CTAG), the Cluster del sector (CEAGA), the Fegamp, DG Xeral de Energía, and companies in the energy sector as Blue Mobility, Gas Natural, Union Fenosa and Energy Lab.


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