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The Xunta provides energy savings of 568,000 euros a day until 2016


Invest over 500 million in a plan that will promote change in companies, cities and public buildings.

The fuel efficiency will be one of the most valued aspects of public tenders.

Energy savings of 1,037 million over five years. Or what is the same, 568,000 euros a day of »efficiency» to January 2016. That is the objective of the new energy plan that the Ministry of Economy and Industry is almost closed and ready for presentation in the coming weeks.

The savings will be similar to stop using every day 548 tonnes of oil equivalent(ktep).In total, in five years, Galicia would use one million tons of oil equivalent, with environmental efficiency is avoided emissions for this consumption.Of the 1.037 million savings, 977 would be noted by the lower energy and another 60 would have to add them by carbon dioxide would be emitted to the atmosphere of.

¿How much it costs to reach that goal? The intent of the Xunta include direct investments of 568 million between 2011 and 2015.Of them,145 (25% of total)will be financial aid for the promotion of savings and energy efficiency.This Xunta spending should result in a plan that will include specific measures for public authorities and industrial sectors, primary, services, domestic and transport.In parallel,the project started with actions defined as «global level» which include information campaigns to promote economy and efficiency, training, advising public and private institutions, participation in European projects and planning of energy infrastructure.

What stage and what changes Xunta expected? The first challenge will be to lead by example.
Since 2011, Industry hopes to change the mentality of municipal, provincial and regional government itself.The new model envisions from electric microgenerators most significant public buildings up for networking pilot projects urban heat distribution.From next year, all public tenders that will seek proposals for energy efficiency may be one of the most valued for awards.Audits will be conducted in public lighting network, and will aid to replace obsolete equipment, lights and tree lighting. The intention is to incorporate technology in all low power consumption.

For industries, the Xunta in bid to create the organizational management of a new strategic as it would: the energy coordinator.It is proposed to conduct audits and implement new management systems to reduce consumption.?From the departament is to support new sectoral studies, demonstration projects for innovative technologies and will support for investment in equipment that use high-efficiency technologies, besides encouraging the recruitment and training of technicians.

Hybrid ships

In the primary sector, the changes are deep craving. Industry marks the challenge of introducing the first ships powered with hybrid technology to the fleet.
Or the addition of cogeneration plants in farms or greenhouses. Are provided for promotional campaigns and training for new efficient techniques in agriculture, or audits to improve on farms and ships, and energy consulting for agricultural cooperatives, farming or fishing.


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