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The Xunta de Galicia promotes the table of the electromovility to situate to the region in the avant-garde of the development and promotion of the electrical vehicle


The adviser of Economy and Industry, Javier Guerra, chaired recently in Vigo the meeting of the Table of the Electromovility of Galicia, in which they closed the bases of his internal operation with the aim to situate to the Autonomous Community to the avant-garde of the development and the promotion of the electrical vehicle.

The Xunta served to define the presidency of the Table, that will be busy by the adviser of Economy and Industry, with the purpose to coordinate the works directed to vertebrate the development and the promotion of the electrical vehicle, offer a stable regulatory frame and advance in the planning of the strategy to be followed.

Guerra stood out also that the meeting promoted the creation of four commissions of work, The one of reglamentación and normative, the one of technology and lines of I+D+i, the one of promotion of the electrical vehicle and coordination with the city councils, and the attendant to conform the demostrative projects that will carry out in the seven big cities of Galicia, that will serve to agglutinate efforts on the way of the future, to what Galicia already is stuck.

The adviser aimed that Galicia, with the support of the Xunta and the work of the Table of the Electromovility, will reinforce his position in the avant-garde of all the actions directed to the development of the electrical vehicle, because we will diminish our dependency of pollutants energies, will be more efficient and will help to improve our leadership in renewable energies, it aimed Guerrra.

The autonomic manager remembered that Galicia will be the first Autonomous Community of the State in having ready a rule that regulates the technical questions of the points and the infrastructures of refueling for the electrical vehicle in Galicia, and already has defined the primary network of these infrastructures.

This network will be structured in three levels, and will distribute by all Galicia more than 400 points of refueling in the urban fields, intercities, through the gas stations, and of the hand ofmobility multipurpose demonstration stations, that will install in the seven big cities of Galicia and that will work also like information centre, and that will have a budget of 2 million euros.

Besides, Javier Guerra aimed that the Galician Table of the Electromovility, led by of Economy and Industry, brings together all key estates of the Autonomous Community so that the development of the electrical vehicle was an immediate reality, sustainable and efficient.

To the meeting assisted, in addition to the adviser and the general director of Industry, Energy and Mines, Ángel Bernardo Tahoces; Juan Ramón Rodríguez Castro, from group PSA Peugeot-Citroën; José Luciano Martínez Covelo, from CEAGA; Luis Moreno Diéguez, from CTAG; María Elena González Sánchez, from Energylab; Josep Coroniu Castellón, from Gas Natural Fenosa; Santiago Blanco Pérez, from Indra; and Alberto Casal de la Villa from Bluemobilty.


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