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The geothermal system created on campus saves by 67% in heating of buildings


EnergyLab is collaborating with researchers at the University in a pilot project funded by industry to check the performance of heat pumps

The University has yielded researchers and one of his buildings to show the effectiveness of the geothermal energy. The technological centre EnergyLab, of the that also is partner the academic institution, has directed a pilot project funded by Industry for which have installed bombs of heat in the Central Library of the campus, two childish schools in Baiona and Nigrán, health centre of As Neves and a building of houses in Ribadumia. The result obtained is a half saving of heating of 67%.
If the data extrapolated to the group of Galician buildings with these same uses the saving would be of ten million annual euros -The consumption of 23.000 families- and the 52.000 tonnes of CO2 that would leave to issue to the atmosphere would be equivalent to a surface of trees equal to the one of thirteen thousand fields of football.
The Minister Javier Gerra visited yesterday the campus to give to know the results of a project in which his department has invested one million euros and with which pretends to give to know the provision of this clean energy that takes advantage of the inner heat of the Earth, generate demand and promote like this a new economic sector.
This effort frames in the aim of the Xunta to achieve that in 2015 95% of the electrical consumption proceed of renewable sources and goes accompanied of the development of a juridical frame, "pioneer in Spain and that agilizará his implementation", as well as by the support to the clúster Galician of geotermia.
Guerra trusts that Galicia lead this sector in Spain "to half term" and situate to the level of other European countries with main tradition in this field.
As Guerra, the installation of a factory of bombs of heat in the community, that already has been posed by some companies, is "a question of little time". In his opinion, exists a "glorious disposal" and stood out the geological conditions "especially positive" that offers our territory.
The Minister was accompanied by the rector of the university of Vigo, Salustiano Mato, and the director of the EnergyLab, Elena González, who stood out that the centre also works with the University in the optimisation of the design of the components of the bombs of heat. "Galicia have a good position regarding technological development", aimed.
The groups that collaborate with the EnergyLab in matter of geothermal energy proceed of the schools of Industrial and Mines and of the Faculty of Sciences of Ourense. The rector underlined in his intervention that the institutions of reference in investigation like which directs no only have the responsibility to work, but also to apply to his infrastructures the knowledges that has "before extending them to the society".


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