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Spain sets up an energy saving plan to save 78678 million euros


Spanish Government expects to save in the energy chapter 78.687 million euros in this decade due to the Action Plan and Energy Efficiency Savings 2011-2020 that has launched following the approval of the Council of Ministers.

As highlighted by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, its implementation will be a stimulus for the Spanish economy, since the application of the measures envisaged in this plan will mobilize some investments amounting 45.985 million euros, which contribute significantly to the job creation.

On this last point, the plan will stimulate the production of employment in the field of energy efficiency, a sector that currently accounts for 1,8% of Spain’s GDP and is expected to reach 3.9% in 2020, employing in that year more than 750,000 workers.

The approved plan will involve, according to the Government, other important added benefits, including the reduction of dependence on foreign energy (by reducing imports of fossil fuels), which lowers the trade deficit and improve the balance of payments and the improving the environment by avoiding the emission of 400 million tons of CO2.

The plan sets a target of primary energy savings of 20% in 2020, consistent with the EU target of improving energy efficiency as agreed by the European Council on June 17, 2010 and incorporated by the European Commission itself to the recent proposal directive on energy efficiency, currently going through the legislative process.

With the new plan, the Government intends to follow up the results achieved in recent years in the chapter on savings and energy efficiency, which, according to Industry can be summarized in Spain has advanced in six years to own European Union’s goals, since 2010 anticipated that the target of 9% of primary energy savings of 2007 marked by the European Directive for 2016.


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