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Vigo is an option to set up Fenosa´s development center


After presenting the company based in the community, now finalize two centers, one of excellence and marine water in the city and a hydraulic control of the business.
When Natural Gas took over Fenosa after his attempt to enter Endesa, the expectation was highest on the treatment that would Galicia by the Catalan company.

At the first meeting of shareholders after the merger, the president of Gas Natural, Salvador Gabarro, announced it would keep the name of Fenosa, which sounded commitment to community. Last September, Gabarró traveled to Galicia to announce that it created an independent company named Fenosa and to manage assets in the community, but also throughout the world, all renewable (hydro, wind and biomass).

Now the company to locate your deck Vigo research and development center and marine water being finalized and has not transcended the final installation. Precisely in the city's electricity was a notary in 1943.

So on the one hand Galicia has become the international headquarters of the hydraulic power unit of the group and will house a control center operating hydroelectric plants worldwide, announced in September the company. On the other hand, Fenosa is forming hydraulic Center of Excellence in R + D + i in the field of hydro power and marine. The center, for which Vigo deck location, and channel will serve to promote innovative initiatives from universities, companies and research centers in Galicia. Fenosa also participates in the creation and development of marine energy Galicia platform driven by the Xunta de Galicia.

Some of the activities of this center would be the continued exploration of global best practices in design, construction and operation of conventional hydroelectric generation facilities and marina, the development of predictive techniques for conventional and marine water resources, and tools and flood forecasting, integration studies of water infrastructure in society and the development and piloting techniques of auscultation and monitoring of dams.



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