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The greenest sports


A sports center in Bilbao, Spain's first LEED Platinum stamped
Credited as one of the most sustainable buildings in Europe
The engine produces 500 kW cogeneration to heat the pool water
The solar power plant delivers a power of 50 kW power

One of the premises to mark the architects and engineers when designing a building is achieved through technologies and materials that achieve maximum energy efficiency. Platinum LEED certification is the industry's most prestigious title at international level and is promoted by the Green Building Council U.S. awareness organization to develop a more sustainable architecture.

A Basque sports, advised by the firm vallisoletana Vega Engineering, has earned this hallmark making it the first Spanish building towards. A modern sports complex that with technologies like solar thermal, cogeneration engines and intelligent lighting systems achieved a 50% saving in energy consumption.

The Basque sports, which has received the prestigious LEED Platinum certification-accrediting him as the first building in Spain to do so-, it incorporates in its facilities a wide battery of innovative technologies whose action achieves a power savings of up to 50% if compared with buildings designed under the existing building regulations.

The project germinated in 2010 when those responsible for Kirolak Bilbao, Bilbao City Council entity responsible for the rehabilitation of the former district sports center of San Ignacio Bilbao, made ​​contact with Vega engineering in order to execute a work-oriented improve the facilities with some "energy efficiency standards and optimum energy savings."


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