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Real-state market is going to strengthen and the companies are being prepared


Energy efficiency is fundamental to increase the security of the energy supply, to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide, to encourage competitiveness and to stimulate the development of a market of advanced technologies and products.

Almost 50% of national energy consumption responds to the energy consumed by buildings, since they present a strong interaction with the environment, from its construction to its use, and the potential savings overcome 20%. Therefore, the higher energy dependence and the increase of energy prices have transformed buildings into high-priority objectives under the energy saving policies.

The change in the normative framework, as a consequence of the approval of the Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings, 2002/91/CE, and its transposition to the Spanish law through the Real Ordinance 47/2007 of January 19th, is causing to appear new requirements in the building sector in such aspects related to energy consumption, as illumination, thermal insulation, heating, air conditioning, hot sanitary water, buildings energy certification and solar energy use, among other.

In Spain, also, it was introduced at the end of 2009 the Strategy for Sustainable Economy to renovate the pattern of growth of the Spanish economy. This maneuver is composed by the Law of Sustainable Economy, in which the different measures are detailed, and a Capital Fund of 25.000 million euros that will be administered by the Institute of Official Credit and a program with 20 structural reformations.

Unidad Editorial Conferences and Formation, in the face of the importance that energy efficiency and energy saving policies are acquiring, is organizing for the next April 26yh, the encounter 'energy Efficiency in buildings, which will count with the presence of the maximum representatives of the sector.

Given the positive certain impact of the energy efficiency in the climate change, the energy security and the economic competitiveness, it is necessary to take measures that guarantee the use of the energy labels within the real estate market and to increase the efficiency of the new construction through a regulatory revision and the financing of the energy efficiency investments ", affirms Elena González Sánchez, vice-president of the Spanish Technological Platform of of Energy Efficiency (PTE-EE).

It is also necessary to take measures that "look to achieve energy saving objectives through prices and fiscal instruments, like low interest loans or other measures that reinforce the adoption of environmental solutions", adds González Sánchez who does not forget "the bet, the impulse and the financing in R+D+i to develop new technologies in energy efficiency".

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has signalled energy efficiency as the main measure to mitigate the climate change, contributing to more than 50% of the necessary reduction of emissions to limit the rise of the global temperature to two degree celsius. "Improving energy efficiency in the percentages defined by AIE, with the existing renewable ones, it would be possible to duplicate their contribution to the national energy demand, improving from the current 30% to 60% in 2020", affirms González Sánchez.

In Spain we have a very important potential to develop and improve energy efficiency technologies working over the whole value chain of the energy sector" points the vice-president of PTE-EE. "In the suppliers side they are working to incorporate new energy sources to the system, as well as in a better integration of the existing renewable energies. And at the consumer side, we find a wide development and improvement spectrum in the use of energy applying more efficient technologies in our day by day: illumination, air conditioning, insulation and energy control", adds.

Can we transform ourselves into a reference country in the sustainable and efficient construction? Spain has bet strongly on wind energy, implanting this energy in our country, with a powerful development of the technology, until transforming it into an wind powerhouse that, also, has created an outstanding industry around it. "This example of success can be continued by energy efficiency technologies in buildings", González Sánchez affirms.

The building sector in Spain has traditionally maintained a conservative approach against the adoption of energy efficiency measures. However, thanks to the legislative initiatives adopted lately the market is changing and the Spanish companies are adapting to this new situation. "The evolution of the real state markets in the pioneering European countries indicate us that this tendency won't make but reinforce and the companies are getting ready for this new reality", points out.

"If we are able to bet on energy efficiency the same we did on wind energy development, we will not only achieve the optimization of our energy consumption but also the business development and specialization around energy efficiency technologies" she adds.

But energy efficiency technologies are not the only solution. The Spanish families are responsible for 30% of the total energy consumption, 15% of that correspond to transport and 15% to the domestic use. Also, 13,5 million Spanish homes emit to the atmosphere, for energy consumption, 67,5 million annual tons of carbon dioxide. "This consumption can be reduced, without giving up comfort, by the means of simple behavioral rules: buying efficient appliances, turning off the lights in unoccupied rooms, using public transportation, controlling the air conditioning of our home, in winter as in summer, etc.", González Sánchez affirms.

"An important part that contributes to the energy efficiency is the behavioural and consumption habits change. Not only through tangible technologies, but also behaviours", the vice-president of PTE-EE ends.



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