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Agreement between EnergyLab and Atecyr


"El Centro Tecnológico de Eficiencia y Sostenibilidad Energética" (EnergyLab) and the " Asociación Técnica Española de Climatización y Refrigeración " (Atecy) have signed an agreement that aims to achieve an improvement in the efficient use of energy.

They take on the commitments that develop specific agreements and can see the work of both institutions in peer counseling, possible collaborations in education, industry analysis, studies and identification of needs in the energy sector aimed to the air conditioning professionals to help them expand their knowledge in technology and scientist in this area.
It is also the intention of the entities is working in the preparation of design documents and implementation of energy efficiency technologies in the building sector, which consumes about a quarter of all energy consumed in Spain and advise about certification procedures for energy efficiency.
It is estimated that about 27% of national energy consumption comes from domestic service sector. At the same time, this global energy consumption, between 50-70% is due to air conditioning systems and hot water production. These indicators reflect the importance of carrying out actions to promote efficiency measures and energy savings as a key element of sustainability and economic competitiveness in the building sector.



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