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Energylab is born, the first international centre for Energetic Efficiency and Sustainability


Among the founders are companies like Inditex, Indra, Finsa, Philips, GOC, Schneider Electric and Union FENOSA.

The centre has the participation of the Counsel for Innovation of the Galician Government.

Alberto Gago, rector of the Vigo University, has been proposed as president of the Centre.

UNION FENOSA, together with other companies, universities and the Counsel for Innovation and Industry, today has presented in Vigo Energylab, the first international technological centre for energetic efficiency and sustainability. Its goal is to become a national and international reference point with the capacity of orientating, coordinating and leading innovative projects with outstanding impact on society, economy and environment.

Its main aim is that of promoting the use of efficient technologies, with lesser environmental impact, at competitive prices and with an equivalent or higher level of quality and comfort for the consumer.

Among the founders of Energylab there are companies like Inditex, Indra, Finsa, Philips, GOC, Schneider Electric and Union FENOSA, the Galician Foundation for the Society of Knowledge (FSC = Spanish initials), the Counsel for Innovation and Industry and the three Galician universities.

In the presentation act of Energylab the rector of the Vigo University, Alberto Gago was proposed as president. Energylab will have its headquarters in the Vigo University Campus, it arose from the FSC impelled by the head of investigation and knowledge area, Honorato Lopez Isla, first vice-president and managing director of Union FENOSA. The initiative has the participation of the Counsel for Innovation and Industry of the Galician Government.

Efficient and sustainable industry, construction and transport

Its creation is included in the strategies and action plans started by the European Union and in Spain in matters of Energetic Efficiency and Sustainability. Its mission is to "identify, develop, demonstrate and publicise technologies, processes and products that allow improvement of energetic efficiency and sustainability by means of their usage in industry, construction, domestic equipment and transport from a sectorial approach.

Just as can be proven by the yearly indexes that measure energetic efficiency in Spain, in both the domestic scope as in small and medium size companies, there is still an important potential for savings and consumption that could be reduced by only changing some consumer habits and basic equipment.

The opportunity of this centre is sustained on uniting the demands energetic necessities with the existence of technologically competitive companies for implanting energy systems and installations, as well as universities that have a material and human resources for studying.

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