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Industry is- maybe- the field where energy efficiency measures have been applied for a longer period of time. This kind of optimization allows us to meet the best market competitiveness conditions because the way in which the total amount of consumed energy influences the product´s final price force us to it. The rational use of energy and the demand control, new and renewable energies and the energy aspects of transport are parameters that allow us to improve product´s position in the market.

One of the EnergyLab´s aim is raising people´s consciousness about the positive influence that energy efficiency exerts on both environment and economy. In EnergyLab, we accomplish identification, development, and technology´s spreading tasks, processes, products and consumption habits which improve energy efficiency and sustainability in industry, building, transport and –in general- in society.

As far as industry is concerned, EnergyLab performs energy diagnosis and advises about new emerging technologies which contribute to get a higher efficiency and sustainability. Furthermore, it organizes several dissemination sessions and training courses aimed at industry´s specific sectors in order to spread the idea of energy efficiency and sustainability.
With the purpose of carrying out improvements in this aspect, the most used technologies at the industrial field are, among other things, the improvement in the processes control -for example, air compression, pumping and ventilation (with speed shifter and the use of efficient engines)-, leak´s reduction in compressed air systems, use of cogeneration systems and renewable energies and the improvement of insulation and lighting.

EnergyLab researches on lighting efficiency improvements, building thermal insulation, industrial cold rooms and also on heating and air conditioning processes.

In relation to sectors such as agriculture, we promote the use of energy efficient solutions like the use of speed shifters in pumping and telemanagement systems.
In order to have the desired effect, these measures need a correct and specific education for professionals. Otherwise, there may be a risk of losing the added value supplied by energy efficiency to economy, threatening the sector´s development. For this reason, making good independent reports about measure and verification of energy savings becomes crucial. They should clear up user´s doubts and mistrust and grant them that their investment will become a saving.


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