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In the EU-27, transport –considered as the mobility of both goods and people-means 32% of the total energy consumption becoming the first consumer among the sectors of social activity. In Spain, this figure increases until 36%. 81% of this energy is consumed by combustion engines fed with petrol or gas-oil which are mainly used in road transport.

Co2 and other gas pollutant emissions are directly connected to energy consumption due to the nature of the sector´s main energy source. According to the described distribution of energy consumption, mobility shows again the highest gas emission level among the energy consumer sectors with almost 20% of the total of greenhouse gases (GHG).
Mobility becomes, in this context, one of the key factors in energy and environmental matter and, also, in the sector of activity in which energy efficiency offers more notable advantages in absolute value, no matter how small the improvement was in specific value.

In Spain- as in every country with a total dependence on foreign petroleum products- this decrease in consumption means a direct increase of competitive capacity to our companies and products because of the remarkable reduction in the fuel effects.

Thus, every single activity that improves the present situation of mobility means not only a notable reduction in the energy intensity but also a higher degree of sustainability and the increase of the country´s competitiveness in the international framework.

EnergyLab considers mobility an important field that should play its own specific role in efficiency and sustainability matters, so we have created a special area where develop our activity. We offer comprehensive solutions to important matters such as alternative propulsion systems, mobility plans, new fuels and many others.

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